Estonian Academy of Arts 2010

Tutor: Andres Põime


The hut is situated in Rootsi village, Kõrgessaare, Hiiumaa. This location has a special meaning to me because that is where my roots are. The hut itself is simple and constructive. It is a volume consisting of two rectangles surrounded by a terrace and it’s lifted on three-meter-long stakes. This is all covered by a flat roof with a rising angle towards the sea view. Wood and glass are the main materials used. The reason the hut had to be lifted off the ground is that this whole area is covered by a thick juniper forest and this is the only way to open up the view to the sea and Kõrgessaare lights on the other side of the bay. The hut can be characterized as material-oriented, airy and ascetic. You can find only the essential there - means to eat and sleep. This place is not meant for longer stays and will mainly be used in the summer months.