the constructivist chair

The Royal Danish Academy of Arts, School of Design 2013

Tutor: Ole Gromsen, Samer Hanna


The Constructivist chair is essentially a lounge chair for cafés or restaurants, small office meeting rooms or the home environment. The idea of simple functionality meeting comfort is achieved with two bent plywood sheets and stainless steel legs. The assembly of the chair is also kept simple and could be done by anyone. It is knock-down and can be put together with the help of a single connector underneath the chair that connects all the separate pieces together. I also added slits into the arm rests so it would be more comfortable to lift the chairs especially for stacking them on top of each other. The slits also break the otherwise quite bulky side view up a little bit giving it some airiness and dynamics. However it is the repeating L shapes that make the whole form play of the chair. These shapes can be recognized in the profile of the seat, the front view of the hand rests and the legs. The seat of the chair can be upholstered to add comfort and playfulness.