In Sahtel&Ghost the priority is custom-tailored solutions for each individual project. Whether you just want to book a consultation to make some changes in your home to improve your living quality or for bigger projects in sustainable architecture and design or exciting collaborations, feel free to get in touch. I would love to hear from you!

I am very passionate about sustainability, circularity and wellness in my work and everyday life. I implement a holistic approach in the design process meaning I strive to create spaces and objects with intention through human-centered design. Holistically thought through interiors will improve our well-being, mental health, productivity and over all life quality. It is undeniable that the way forward is the sustainable way by re-using, recycling and redefining how we build and create living environments. I want to be part of a constructive solution-minded community where the ultimate goal is to change and evolve for a healthier mind-set and sustainable future. This is why my mission is to encourage people to adopt healthier patterns in their immediate surroundings for the planet and for their own well-being.

Sohwi-Ly Sahtel is an interior architect and furniture designer originally from Estonia but living and working in Copenhagen for the better part of the past decade. Her career over the last 10 years has ranged geographically from Los Angeles to Tallinn with Ghent and Copenhagen in between. She has worked in retail and exhibition design, designing private homes and office interiors in all scales as well as hospitality design. ​She started Sahtel&Ghost in 2020 in order to fully commit to creating and exploring sustainable and healthy spaces and objects .